Eagle-Eye Policy Reader

Easy-to-use AI-powered Policy reader that fully automates your policy inwarding process.

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Cost Reduction
Years Saved
Effortless Extraction Experience

Say Good-Bye to Manual Data Entry

All Leading Insurers

Extract data from the Motor Insurance policies of all leading insurers! From HDFC-Ergo to Kotak Mahindra, all policy formats are configured into the system and fields are mapped for best-in-class accuracy.

AI-Powered Parsing

Automate the entire policy inwarding process with the power of AI. Say goodbye to manual data extraction and reduce your Manual Ops Cost by 90%.

Instant Extraction

Data extraction done almost instantly with clear and precise values to boot. Extract relevant information accurately and instantly through EAGLE-EYE!

Completely Customizable

Customize the way you want your policy read and exported. The extraction format can be configured according to your specifications and requirements to better match your business needs and logics.
Four-Step Process

Easy Step-by-Step process that makes data extraction Effortless!



Import the policy into the Policy Reader. All your files are safe on an SFTP Server.



Extract relevant data from your policies. Configured to capture all relevant fields with great accuracy and efficiency.



Transform the policy data. Alter and modify the data inside the system based on your business logic.



Export the policy data in preferred file format!

Client Testimonials

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“Increased Operational efficiency by 2X”

A lot of SAAS products are often marketed as low code platforms. As a result, customers often end up with half-baked products and solutions, along with unrealistic timelines. PermuteHQ’s Low Code Platform enabled us with a fully digitised Inwarding system complete with a 100% customised workflow in almost no time. The team went extra miles to deliver exactly what was required.

Raju Soni
Chief Product Officer

“Time consumption reduced by 7X”

Payout Reconciliation was a big headache for us owing to the huge volume of unstructured data. It used to take a good amount of manpower and time to extract and clean data into excel sheets for processing payouts. PermuteHQ provided us with a great software solution that helped reduce our manual efforts substantially, and automated the extraction and cleaning process. The data accuracy has gone up as well.

Darpan Khurana

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